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Over 182 billion tenge allocated to finance agricultural projects

Over 182 billion tenge allocated to finance agricultural projects

In the first half of 2022, the Agrarian Credit Corporation allocated more than 182 billion tenge to finance agricultural projects.

In the first half of 2022, the corporation allocated 182.5 billion tenge to finance more than 7,900 projects. In general, the corporation plans to allocate 330 billion tenge to finance agribusiness this year.

Lending is carried out under three programs: Ken dala, Agribusiness, Isker.

So, according to the Ken Dala program, lending to agricultural entities is provided for spring field and harvesting operations. This year, within the framework of this program, more than 2.5 thousand farmers received preferential loans totaling 70 billion tenge, more than 3.7 million hectares of acreage were sown.

In addition, it was decided to allocate additional funds in the amount of 70 billion tenge. Before receiving money from the republican budget, the Corporation provides loans to plant growers from its own funds. So, 609 loans for 18.8 billion tenge were issued for these purposes, which will be subsequently replaced from budget funds. In general, 140 billion tenge will be allocated from the republican budget for these purposes.

The universal program "Agribusiness" involves lending to large and small agricultural producers for the purchase of equipment, modernization of facilities, construction and installation works and replenishment of working capital. For 6 months of this year, loans were issued to 2,900 farmers in the amount of 98.1 billion tenge (including for spring field work under the "Ken Dala" program for subsequent replacement). With these funds, 19.2 thousand heads of cattle, 70.5 thousand heads of small cattle, 34 thousand horses and 1766 units of agricultural machinery and equipment were purchased.

Within the framework of the "Isker" program aimed at the development of start-up entrepreneurs, productive employment and mass entrepreneurship, 5.6 billion tenge has been allocated for the implementation of 861 projects.

"The Head of State K. K. Tokayev in his Message to the people of Kazakhstan "New Kazakhstan: the path of renewal and modernization" instructed to radically solve the issue of food security in the next three years and keep the spring field campaign under special control. The corporation is working on this task. In the first half of the year, 88.8 billion tenge was allocated for spring field and harvesting operations. Compared to last year, the amount of financing will be doubled this year," says Almat Ashirbekov, Chairman of the Management Board of Agricultural Credit Corporation JSC.

To get a loan, a potential borrower needs to seek advice from a branch of the corporation (they operate in all regional centers and cities of republican significance) or the central office. Next, the client proceeds to collect documents. The credit manager of the corporation accepts a full package of documents from the client together with the application and sends it for consideration. The deadline for consideration of the application should not exceed 30 days.

Loans are issued for the development of animal husbandry, crop production, agricultural processing projects. Thus, one of the areas of lending is the creation and modernization of dairy farms. Rulikha LLP, located in the Shemonaikha district of the East Kazakhstan region, specializes in the cultivation of grain crops and cattle breeding. Established in 2004, the farm is a year-round livestock complex. In 2017, the reconstruction of the dairy farm was started. Equipment for a dairy farm and cattle of the Holstein-Frisian breed was purchased with credit funds through the Agrarian Credit Corporation. Today, the number of cattle has reached 600, the farm management plans to increase the number to 1800 heads of dairy breed. The productivity of this MTF at full capacity will be 3600 tons of milk per year.

Along with major projects, the corporation finances small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, a small poultry farm of "Úshtóbe Qus" LLP, located in the Bukhar-Zhyrau district of the Karaganda region, received funding to replenish working capital. Opened in 2021, the mini-poultry farm slaughters 7 thousand broilers per day and releases chilled poultry meat to the market. Baigali Sakyp from Atyrau, using credit funds from the corporation, purchased equipment for the construction of a 600–square-meter mini-greenhouse, including a drip irrigation system. Today, IP "Akniyet" supplies cucumbers to citizens.

"In general, within the framework of the implemented lending programs, the Corporation has issued 57.9 billion tenge through direct lending, 124.6 billion tenge through funding financial institutions (credit partnerships, microfinance organizations, second–tier banks and leasing companies). The leaders in terms of financing are Akmola region – 36 billion tenge, Kostanay region – 31.2 billion tenge, North Kazakhstan region - 25.3 billion tenge," Chairman of the Management Board of the Corporation Almat Ashirbekov said.

In addition, since December 2020, the corporation has been providing agency insurance services in the agricultural sector. Over the past three years, interest in agricultural insurance has grown: for example, if 93 insurance contracts were signed in 2020, then 184 insurance contracts were signed in six months of 2022, 308 thousand hectares and more than 60 thousand animals (cattle, horses, sheep, poultry) were insured. At the same time, the volume of subsidies paid in the first half of the year exceeded 500 million tenge. You can sign an insurance contract online on the platform .

As part of the implementation of social support measures for healthcare, education, social security, culture and sports specialists who have arrived to work and live in rural settlements, the Company performs the functions of an Attorney (agent) within the framework of the program "With a diploma - to the village!". Specialists who have arrived from cities and other localities to work and live in rural areas where they are in demand are provided with budget loans for the purchase and construction of housing. Under the terms of the program, loans up to 1,500 MCI (4.4 million tenge) are issued for 15 years at an interest rate of 0.01% per annum. In the first half of the year, 127 loans in the amount of 568 million tenge were issued under the program.

Background information:

JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" is a subsidiary of the National Management Holding "Baiterek". Since 2001, it has been providing preferential loans on preferential terms for the development of agribusiness. You can find out about the loan programs on the website .