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Korgalzhinsky fish

Korgalzhinsky fish

Korgalzhyn district of Akmola region is famous for its lakes. Apart from small ones, there are 12 large and medium reservoirs. However, there was no fish processing shop in the area. Ersaiyn Khasenov, a native of these places, dreamed of owning his own business - so that his niche would be profitable, and his products would benefit people. Having organized Fish Product LLP, he acquired modern imported equipment for fish farming - with credit funds provided by the Agrarian Credit Corporation.

“We have two technological lines that allow us to produce minced fish and meatballs. We sell finished products to chains of metropolitan restaurants. We have established waste-free production for the processing of river fish: meat - for semi-finished products, bones - for fishmeal. I received a loan from a corporation for the first time, I was convinced that this is a profitable business - taking into account low interest rates and credit holidays. For an entrepreneur who is just starting his business, this is a great support,” says the head of the enterprise Yersain Khasenov.

The capacity of the first and only fish processing shop in the Korgalzhinsky district is designed to process 1 ton of fish per day, which is 600 kg of finished products. There is no shortage of raw materials. Since 2021, several types of fish have been grown here. After 2 years - after the fish grown in an artificial reservoir grows and matures, the pike will be exported. In the foreign market, this familiar fish is in high demand. So an entrepreneur who has tried himself in construction, transport and meat processing is now successfully developing an agricultural business.