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Great opportunities for microcredit

Great opportunities for microcredit

Taraz can be included in the list of world cities of artisans. This international list includes 55 cities, among which Kazakhstan is not yet represented. About 80 craftsmen live in Taraz, where national crafts are widely developed, and every third of them is engaged in the manufacture of felt products. One of them is the needlewoman Gulnar Abdullaeva. In 2009, having registered as an individual entrepreneur, she opened her own workshop. The task is ambitious - the production of products that meet the requirements of the time.

"For some time we sewed a dowry for the bride, then we decided to expand production. In 2020, having contacted the Agrarian Credit Corporation, I purchased a universal sewing machine. It can process any materials - leather, felt, cotton blankets. I pass on my knowledge to my daughter, she "I also have a seamstress, we work together. She specializes in beadwork. One of the areas of our work is the decoration for the yurt, there is room for creativity," says entrepreneur Gulnara Abdullayeva.

The entrepreneur, who has mastered all the subtleties of the profession, has always been doing what she loves. Even while on maternity leave, she took orders. Today, Gulnar Abdullayeva, a member of the Association of Business Women, conducts free master classes for young people as part of her public work, organizes a festival of yurts in the fall, where craftsmen meet, share experiences, brochures, and attract new craftswomen. This is how a microloan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation gave great chances to a Taraz businesswoman.