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Fields inherited from father

Fields inherited from father

Andrei Kan is a resident of the village of Tandai, Atyrau region. Helping his father, who was engaged in vegetable growing, from childhood he learned one simple thought: if you want to get a result, do not spare labor. Carrying out all the work on the farm, Andrey learned the wisdom of agrotechnical business. Agriculture is not easy, dust, heat, wind, rain. And so our hero went to work in another area. But the father's business did not let go, and after a while he returned to the household.

“At one time, my father received a loan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation. Last year, I decided to continue working and re-applied to the corporation. Received funds for the installation of drip equipment, the purchase of mineral fertilizers, chemicals. On 105 hectares they planted carrots, cabbage, onions, Dutch varieties of beets. I will continue the family business and hope for success,” says Andrey Kan.

The farm, located in the Makhambet district, sells products in the regional center. In the district, the family is well known - often customers come for products themselves. The next task is the construction of a vegetable store, where it will be possible to store products until winter. The entrepreneur also plans to expand the area of ​​crops to 150 hectares, for which another loan from the corporation will be attracted. There is everything necessary for this: agricultural machinery received on lease, leased land, 41 employees. The main thing is the experience and desire to develop the business further.