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Kazygur entrepreneur supplies about 20 tons of meat per year to the market

Kazygur entrepreneur supplies about 20 tons of meat per year to the market

Madi Zhamashev, who lives in the village of Ulgi, Kazygurt district, has every chance to close his loan ahead of schedule. But he pays off according to the schedule and is in no hurry to withdraw money from circulation. During the year, the profit from the sale of fattened bulls accumulates, remaining in circulation. Feed harvests independently, so the benefits of fattening cattle are obvious. In order to earn good money in the fattening farm, you need to constantly increase the number of livestock. Therefore, the farmer applied for financing to the Agrarian Credit Corporation.

“For the first time we received a loan for cattle breeding in 2013. In the past, I again became a client of the Agrarian Credit Corporation - this time they presented a project for fattening livestock. Our feedlot is designed for 220 heads. We buy young animals older than 1.5 years from the population, we fatten them for 6 months. Gobies, put on fattening, gain weight up to 500 grams per day. We sow wheat, barley, alfalfa ourselves, and we buy meal and bran,” says Madi Zhamashev, head of the farm.

Now half of the livestock is of the Kazakh white-headed breed, the rest are local, outbred. About 200 kg of pure meat is obtained from one bull. Last year, the entrepreneur put 19 tons of beef on the market. Special transport arrives from Shymkent, delivers bulls to the slaughterhouse. Now the summer period, and therefore the feedlot is not loaded at full capacity. In the future, Madi (by the way, a physical education teacher by training) plans to expand the feedlot to 400 animals.

Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC is a subsidiary of the Baiterek National Managing Holding. Since 2001, it has been providing soft loans for the development of agribusiness. Loan programs can be found on the website You can get a full consultation at the branches located in regional centers and cities of republican significance.