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Mangystau koumiss

Mangystau koumiss

People say: if you find a way, and the snow will burn. Contrary to the stereotypes that the oily Mangystau region is suitable only for camel breeding, there are brave souls who successfully run an agricultural business. KH "Akzhol", established in 2015 in the suburbs of Aktau, is engaged in breeding cattle, horses and sheep. The farm contains about 100 head of cattle, 200 horses and 200 sheep. All this became possible thanks to the Agrarian Credit Corporation.

“In 2021, I decided to expand the activities of the farm and take up horse breeding. With funds from the Agrarian Credit Corporation, I bought 20 horses, 3 camels and a new loader. The total amount is 33 million tenge. We are engaged in the production of koumiss and shubat, every year we fatten and sell about 50 horses, 100 sheep and 100 head of cattle,” says the head of the farm, Bolat Yesenaliev.

Due to the severe drought that came to the Mangistau region last year, the farmer rented land in the Aktobe region and moved some of the animals there. If nature does not show its whims, in the future it plans to return them to the economy. For this, both financial resources and technical capabilities are sufficient. For economic needs, a loader was purchased using funds provided by the corporation. In the near future, the farmer plans to receive another loan - now for the opening of a greenhouse.