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Memo to ACC borrowers on the terms of granting deferral

Memo to ACC borrowers on the terms of granting deferral

JSC "agrarian credit Corporation" (hereinafter-ACC) in connection with the introduction of a state of emergency in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is ready to support its borrowers and consider granting a deferral on repayment of payments due in the period from March 16 to June 15, 2020.

Conditions for granting a deferral:

1. all loans issued by ACC before March 16, 2020, regardless of the absence or presence of delay;

2. ACC considers customer applications on an individual basis submitted at any time during the period from March 16 to June 15, 2020 for which the financial condition has deteriorated due to the declared state of emergency;

3. Deferred debt is distributed evenly over the remaining loan term or individually at the request of the client.

4. Repayment of the deferred debt as a lump sum payment is not allowed;

5. the Client provides documentary evidence of a decrease in the volume of goods and (or) services sold, delays, suspensions, or postponements of payment terms from product buyers. The list of documents is listed below. 

the Client needs to complete the following steps:

STEP 1Create an application for deferred payment indicating the amounts, the period of delay, the reasons indicating the deterioration of the financial condition yourself in any form, scan (or photograph);

STEP 2: Scan (or photograph) one or more of the following supporting documents indicating a deterioration in financial condition:

  • Contracts for the supply of manufactured products;
  • Notification of suspension of purchased products from the buyer;
  • certificate of availability of finished products/inventory items/unfinished products;
  • Written application of suppliers to suspend the supply of raw materials/products;
  • Acts of disposal/destruction of damaged products.

*Other documents confirming the deterioration of the financial condition

STEP 3: Attach documents in Step 1 and 2 - send them to your email or any available method of communication to the ACC employee;

the STEP 4: to Expect the decision of the ACC.

The borrower's application is reviewed and a decision is made to suspend payments within 10 (ten) business days. For loans from borrowers of credit partnerships, the application review period is not more than 20 (twenty) business days.

The decision to refuse to suspend payments is made by the ACC if the credit institution has information about the absence of deterioration in the financial condition of the borrower;

After that, the ACC sends the borrower a notification of the decision in the available ways. If the decision is positive, an updated repayment schedule is attached, in accordance with the decision.

*** the ACC Specialist, in addition to the borrower's application, attaches a document confirming the introduction of quarantine in the relevant locality at the location and market (the decision of the operational headquarters to ensure the state of emergency at the local Executive body, the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the relevant locality, etc.).

If you have any questions about deferred payment, please contact the Call center at 5115 or representatives of ACC branches at the following numbers:


Deputy Directors


Contact number

Email address


Cell phone

Nur-Sultan City

Baimakhanov Olzhas Karimzhanovich

8 (7172) 55-99-69

8 (701) 384-24-10

Almaty city

Baymukhambetova I I Aloys Rustemovna

8 (727) 330-75-04

8 (705) 9021716

Shymkent City

Sarybay Akilian Burzanovic

8 (7252) 99-89-72

8 (701) 666-56-39

Akmola region

Kulubaev Arman Sarsenbaevich

8 (7162) 55-10-97

8 (701) 401 10 41

Aktobe region

Zhumashev Aslan Rakhmatullaevich

8 (7132) 704-703

8701 385 98 68

Almaty region

Narimanov Timur Maratovich 

8 (7282) 55-86-51

8778 426 26 26

Atyrau region

Ganbarov Rakhmet Oktyabrevitch

8 (7122) 30-61-61

8 (702) 447-73-58

East Kazakhstan region

Sultanbaeva Gulnur Sirakanian

7 (7232) 56-02-11

8 (705) 840-05-28  

Kaliyev Miras Seilhanovich

8 (7222) 60-40-71

8 (777) 153-93-20

Zhambyl region

Aitbaev Ahmadiyar Dauletovich 

8 (7262) 99-90-00

8 (705) 117 17 79,

8 (700) 403-80-57

West Kazakhstan region

Abdulov Marat Serikovich

8 (7112) 55-47-09

8 (777) 797-95-15

Karaganda region

Askar Rakhimov Nurasyl

8 (7212) 55-99-87

8 (702) 589-95-95

Kostanay region

Baibolov Mels Nurseitovich

8 (7142) 99-97-19

8 (777) 851-58-14

Kyzylorda region

Toleubekov Rakhat

8 (7242) 55-17-98

8 (702) 000-01-99

Mangystau region

Makupula Salinas Jumabaevna

8 (7292) 599195

8 (778) 559 5307

Pavlodar region

Jusupbekov Izbasar Kairatovich

8 (718-2) 70-38-20

8 (707) 121-50-21

North Kazakhstan region

Salikov Arman Sabirovich

8 (7152) 55-97-04

8 (777) 691-80-57

The Turkestan region

Isakh Aslanbek Lesbianic

8 (7252) 99-89-72

8 (775) 204-69-99