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Direction - astrakhan breeding

Direction - astrakhan breeding

The Shieli district of the Kyzylorda region is one of the favorable regions for the development of sheep breeding. There is enough land and water here to keep animals. The head of the Bi-myrza farm, Toktar Myrzakhmetuly, is one of the farmers who devoted his life to animal husbandry. A resident of the village of Enbekshi kept horses and cows for several years, supplying them to local markets. Last year, he approached the Agrarian Credit Corporation to start a sheep breeding business.

“Last year I bought 800 astrakhan sheep with funds from the Agrarian Credit Corporation. They were brought to our region in the Soviet period and have adapted quite well to local conditions. Now the flock is grazing, 80 percent of the sheep have already brought lambs. I received a loan for the first time and immediately made sure that the conditions are very convenient. We don't get much snow, the animals spend the whole winter in the pasture. Of course, we have prepared both food and wintering facilities for livestock,” says the head of the farm, Toktar Myrzakhmetov.

Now 40 breeding rams are kept separately. In order for lambing to be massive in the spring, they will be released into the flock in November. It is a pity that work on the processing of astrakhan skins has not yet been established, only meat is sold. By the way, this spring the farmer plans to put the first batch of lamb on the market.