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Legs are good for pasture cattle

Legs are good for pasture cattle

Knowledgeable people say that Amangel Kenzhegalin loves risk. While some people were reluctant to take out a loan and start a business, this man took out three farm loans. A resident of the village of Baskol in the Maisky district, a former veterinarian, took advantage of the effective mechanism of the state as soon as he opened his farm in 2012. The farmer, who borrowed a Belarusian tractor and started breeding horses, turned to the Agrarian Credit Corporation again last year. Another Belarus-82.1 tractor fr om Semey was purchased from the Pavlodar branch for financing.

“We want to increase the number of horses as long as we have enough equipment and land. This year we took out a loan from a corporation and received 30 bytes. Our region is not suitable for growing crops, we are only engaged in animal husbandry. It is especially convenient to take care of horses, in the intervals you can take an inventory, and you do not lazily follow them. This is a family business, we do not hire outside workers. The loan is effective, if you don’t take risks, you won’t reach the goal,” says Amangeldy Kenzhegalin, head of the Kenzhe farm.

There is every opportunity to graze cattle on a farm wh ere beds are stuffed with fur. There are 1.5 thousand hectares of pastures and 130 hectares of meadows. While the foals are not born this year, they give birth next year. But before that, he tied up the mares he had and fermented kombucha. He milks 20 mares, produces 50-60 liters of kombucha a day and takes it to the city for sale. Now, next year, with the 30 barrels purchased this year, we will help increase the national production of beverages. By the way, the farmer has some cattle as well as horses.

JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" is a subsidiary of the national managing holding "Baiterek". Since 2001, it has been providing soft loans on favorable terms for the development of agribusiness. The company's programs can be found on the website