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Opened the first bakery in the village

Opened the first bakery in the village

The owner of this bakery can be called modern and enterprising, because it was she who managed to find an unoccupied niche in her village. Until last year, the village of Orlik, Indersky district, did not have its own bakery. Local residents were waiting for fresh bread to be brought from Atyrau, which is 135 kilometers from the village. This gap was filled by Bibigul Shakhmanova, head of BekSal JSC. With a loan received from the Atyrau branch of the Agrarian Credit Corporation, a rural entrepreneur opened the first and so far the only bakery in the district.

“The loan was received in 2019, the building was built, the equipment was installed. But it was not possible to open a bakery: quarantine began. In addition, additional devices were needed, for which there was not enough money. In 2021, we again turned to the Corporation. The funds provided on credit were used to purchase the missing equipment, connect electricity and gas. And, finally, in November last year, a workshop was opened. Now we bake 300 loaves of bread a day from premium flour, which fully covers the daily needs of 3,000 residents,” says private entrepreneur B. Shakhmanova.

Along with bakeries, confectionery is also baked here. 2 bags of flour are used per day. Finished products are sold through their store, as well as delivered to other outlets. Initially, opening a bakery was the husband's idea. Now Bibigul wants to expand - local residents need semi-finished products. Interestingly, our heroine used to be a hairdresser. And now her hairdresser serves fellow villagers.

JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" is a subsidiary of the National Managing Holding "Baiterek". Since 2001, it has been providing soft loans for the development of agribusiness. Loan programs can be found on the website