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From dairy to meat

From dairy to meat

It has been proven in practice: the one who studies and analyzes the demand will win. Pavlodar farm "Mautkhan" adheres to this principle. The head of the farm, Kuandyk Dutpaev, once kept dairy cows and horses. But over time, when I had to face the problems of hiring workers, I decided to reconsider the approach to business. To produce more meat, breeding animals are needed. That's when the decision came to buy beef cattle, using the support of the Agrarian Credit Corporation.

“I received a loan for the purchase of breeding stock under the Sybaga program. Last year, we applied for a loan again: we bought 50 Hereford cows in Russia, and bought 4 bulls in the Maisky district. About 15 cows have already calved, calving continues. In the first year, the process was a little difficult, now the animals are already accustomed to the terrain. This breed of cattle is resistant to our climatic conditions and is very productive. In general, the region is suitable for raising cattle,” says Kuandyk Dutbaev.

In addition to Herefords, the farm also contains outbred cattle, but the animals are grazing separately. Now the herd is on grazing, in winter - on stall content. During the summer, the animals gain weight well in order to safely winter. The calving cows are fed with grain, the rest eat fertile herbs. The farmer himself is engaged in fodder preparation, he has 180 hectares of pastures at his disposal. Technique is also sufficient. In the future, the farm plans to increase the number of breeding animals.

Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC is a subsidiary of the Baiterek National Managing Holding. Since 2001, it has been providing soft loans for the development of agribusiness. The company's programs can be found on the website You can get a full consultation at the branches located in regional centers and cities of republican significance. Branches are listed on the website.