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Farm from Shemonaikha supplies raw materials to large processing plants

Farm from Shemonaikha supplies raw materials to large processing plants

Serik Sagandykov is an agronomist in the past. Now he is engaged in the production of high-quality raw materials necessary for the production of natural dairy products. Before opening a dairy farm, he had worked enough in the agricultural industry to understand what the shortage of raw materials in this sector is today. Having caught fire with the idea of ​​developing dairy farming, he turned to the Agrarian Credit Corporation, with the financing of which it became possible to open a dairy farm in the Shemonaikha district of the East Kazakhstan region.

“Our partnership with the Agrarian Credit Corporation began in 2004. At that time, we were mainly engaged in crop production. In 2017, we received a loan for the construction of a line for the production of unrefined sunflower oil. equipment farms - various installations, milking lines, forage machines - again turned to the help of the corporation," says Serik Sagandykov, director of Rulikha LLP.

Each of the 600 Holstein Frisian cows brought by air from Holland gives an average of 30 liters of milk per day. The design capacity of the farm is 3,200 tons of milk per year. The implementation of the second stage of the project has now begun, the purpose of which is to increase the livestock to 1800 dairy cows. The farm sells high-quality raw materials purchased by the processing plants "Emil" and "Vostok Moloko".

Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC is a subsidiary of the Baiterek National Managing Holding. Since 2001, it has been providing soft loans on favorable terms for the development of agribusiness. Loan programs can be found on the website