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Clear, Affordable and Profitable

Clear, Affordable and Profitable

The private enterprise "Zhadyra" is a farm that has been engaged in animal husbandry for many years and knows all the subtleties of the ancient business of nomads. The owner of the farm, Esenbek Suleimenov, already had a couple of herds of horses on the farm when he decided to start breeding cattle in parallel. The choice fell on the Kazakh white-headed breed. Last year, with funds provided in the form of a soft loan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation, the farmer purchased 87 white-headed cows, 110 local outbred heifers and 9 thoroughbred bulls. The first calving is yet to come, replenishment in the household is eagerly awaited.

“Unlike horses, cows are more undemanding. Our plans are to improve the quality characteristics of livestock, so we have purchased breeding animals. Now whiteheads are kept separately. In winter, we fatten up to 100-200 heads and sell them for meat. We have fields, we make hay ourselves, we buy feed. We received a loan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation for the first time, the conditions suited us,” says businessman Esenbek Suleimenov.

Climatic conditions, availability of pastures and hayfields allow farmers to graze livestock and make a profit. In summer, animals graze freely, in winter they return to the Shieli district of the Kyzylorda region. Pastures are open to them both in winter and summer. After the vitamin fields turn yellow, grazing continues in the rice field. Therefore, the products produced here are very tasty. The next stage is the cultivation of wheat and corn for feed production.