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With a diploma - to the village!

Participation of JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" in the program "With a diploma - to the village!"

In order to strengthen the personnel potential of rural areas with the necessary specialists, to retain graduates in rural areas, on July 1, 2009, on behalf of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state program "With a diploma - to the village!" Was launched.

The program is aimed at providing social support measures in the form of a lifting allowance and a budget loan for the purchase or construction of housing for specialists in the social sphere, the agro-industrial complex and civil servants of akims of rural districts.

Program participants:

Borrower - specialists in the field of healthcare, education, social security, culture, sports and agro-industrial complex, civil servants of the administrations of akims of villages, towns, rural districts, who arrived to work and live in rural settlements.

The principal is the akimat of the district (city of regional significance), including its authorized bodies for the development of rural areas, in the field of architecture and urban planning.

Attorney (agent) - JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation".

As part of the implementation of the program, JSC "Agarar Credit Corporation" performs the functions of an Attorney (agent), whose main functions include preparing loan and pledge agreements, issuing loans, monitoring collateral, accepting payments from borrowers, working with overdue debts, reporting to authorized organs.

Lending terms:

To receive social support measures, the Borrower submits documents (according to the list, in accordance with the Rules for the provision of social support measures) through the State Corporation or in electronic format through the e-Government web portal. The Principal reviews the documents of the Borrower and makes a decision in the form of a decision of the akimat of the district (city of regional significance). Next, the Principal draws up an Agreement on the provision of social support measures and transfers the credit file for administration to the Attorney (agent). The attorney (agent) prepares the loan agreement, pledge agreement, payment schedule, ensures their signing by the parties and transfers the pledge agreement to the Borrower for registration with the authorized registering body.

For the entire period of the program "With a diploma - to the village!" 43,000 young professionals received budget loans for the purchase and construction of housing for a total of 132.4 billion tenge.

In the first half of 2022, 1,016 loans were issued for a total amount of 4.6 billion tenge.