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Video gallery

Qazaqstan NTA. "Yrystyn kazygy": Pavlodar - Aktau

Qazaqstan NTA. "Yrystyn kazygy": Mangistau-Kostanay

Qazaqstan NTA "Yrys kazygy": Nur-Sultan-Taraz.

The business that started with five mares

Success stories with Agrocredit: Dinmukhammed Kulyntaev opened fast food

The number of farms engaged in livestock breeding is growing in the Atyrau region

Kazakhstan Field Day "Jańa Dala/GreenDay 2022"

Small business support

20 years of cooperation. Vladimir Gerdt, Akkayinsky district

Time for change: reforms in Baiterek or how is the holding being transformed?

"AgroFood" applied for credit support in JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation"

In Almaty region, farmers estimated the yield of 2017

"Success stories" - KH "Bastau" (Akmola region)

"Success stories" - LLP "K-oil" (Kostanay)

"Success stories" - LLP "Karasu et" (Kostanay region)

Sheep breeding is revived in North Kazakhstan region