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The conditions of the new “Sybagi” are much more attractive, say farmers of the Turkestan region


We appeal to people living in rural areas and raising livestock. In addition, our southern region is a favorable region of our country with great opportunities for animal husbandry. And most importantly, you need to believe that hard work will lead to success!

Autumn has come. This means that it's time to reap the fruits of your work for the whole year. There is even such a wise proverb "Chickens are counted in autumn." And the Sybaga program offers to count not only chickens, but also cattle.

Yes, yes, we were not mistaken. Recently, the Government of the country adopted a new National Program for the development of meat farming for 2018-2027. According to this Program, it is planned to increase the number of cattle from 7 million to 15 million heads over the specified period. In addition, it is planned to increase the number of pedigreed cattle due to imports.

Dear workers of the village! The Sybaga loan program is aimed at you and your experience. The purpose of the Program is to provide peasant and farm farms with credit funds for the purchase of pedigreed cows in order to increase young meat breeds of animals. The financing of this Program is carried out by JSC Agrarian Credit Corporation through the system of credit partnerships.

Prior to the disclosure of this good news, we decided to meet with citizens who started their business through the aforementioned Sybaga loan program. So we hit the road.

Our destination is the Karatau region. We went to the farm "Zhannat" with pasture lands of 600 hectares, located near the city of Kentau, the so-called crown of Karatau.

Interview with the head of the farm Sabyrzhan Torekhanovich Anarbayev.

– Earlier this year, on the pages of the periodical, I read information about the Sybaga financing program. I got acquainted with the terms of the Program and the projects implemented under it. Before that, I, like all my colleagues, was engaged in agriculture. Farming is also a good thing. Nevertheless, the Sybaga program was suitable for the realization of what I had planned. And so, I applied to the credit partnership "Yassy-nesie" JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation", located in our village of Karnak. The specialists explained the simplified terms of the Program to me and interested me. I was especially pleased that I could provide the purchased cattle and agricultural machinery as collateral. And it didn't take much time to collect the necessary documents. There were also difficulties. Specialists of the partnership and the authorized body provided assistance on some issues. Within two weeks, my application was approved and I received funding. Then these funds were transferred to the account of the livestock supplier and after quarantine, I transported the cattle to my farm. I am currently raising 62 heads of white-headed cattle. In the near future, another batch of thoroughbred cattle will be delivered upon request.

Of course, in order for the cattle to be in order, it is necessary to observe a daily feeding and watering regime. And in this case, the relevant specialists provide assistance. They pay special attention to the compliance of the cattle pen with zootechnical, veterinary and sanitary standards. If it weren't for such responsibility, it wouldn't be considered a job," joked the head of the household.

According to Sabyrkhan, all family members perform certain work on the farm. In addition to preparing the paddock for winter, a feedlot for livestock is being built. Construction work is underway outside the cattle pen. 100 bales of hay and 3,850 bales of compressed straw were unloaded near the barn. Sabyrkhan's sons, Elnur and Elmurat, put them in a row. Both of them have higher education, one of them is a financier, the other is an economist. The speech of the father and sons is confident, the faces are happy, the case is concrete.

After a trip to the farm, we went to the city of Kentau. There, people gathered in front of the Shamshi Kaldayakov Palace of Culture, located on the Yntymak city square. It turns out that there was an international competition in the sport of "Aikido" among schoolchildren and adults. We met with the President of the Aikido - Aikikai Federation, Gaibishev Karimzhan Babazhanovich.He turned out to be the chairman of the board of the Yassy-Nesie Credit Partnership, which issues loans under the Sybaga program. We were lucky, we found the one we were looking for, and he was glad that many people would know about his affairs. I immediately started the conversation:

– I'll advertise it. The Sybaga program has many advantages. For example, a similar program existed before. But, according to its terms, the borrower could not provide the cattle he purchased as collateral. Also, the farmer had to have 25% of the livestock of the total number of purchased cattle.

The new Sybaga program should become known as one of the priorities of the country, the project of which is aimed at a long-term future. According to this program, we are faced with the task of developing the country's export potential and improving the quality of meat products in the field of animal husbandry.

If we talk about very favorable terms of the program, the loan term is up to 15 years. A grace period of up to 2.5 years is provided for the principal debt and the interest rate. The loan amount is up to 70 million tenge. The loan rate is up to 4% per annum (taking into account the subsidized interest rate according to the criteria for subsidizing the interest rate), and the farmer repays the principal debt in accordance with his capabilities at intervals of every quarter, every six months or once a year. Thus, you will join the credit partnership and get the opportunity to realize your goals and improve your business," Karimzhan Babazhanovich summed up.

And it is a great honor in itself to be engaged in useful work under a program aimed at the sustainable development of the country's economy!

You can find all this in the Sybaga loan program. The Sybaga program is a great support, a worthy cause, a lasting future for the workers of the village!

Atanbek NAURYZ.