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Formerly - Auliekol, today - Akbas

"Schildebaev S.M." in the Shu district of the Zhambyl region, his private enterprise started breeding Kazakh purebred white cows. The head of the farm, Samat Shildebaev, who previously bred Auliekol cows, is no stranger to this business. His father was a livestock farmer. Later, he asked for help under the state program and in 2021 he brought white cattle from Russia.

“We brought 100 heads of heifers under the Sybaga program to the funds of the Agricultural Credit Corporation in December last year. For the first time this year we will apply fertilizer manually. Next year we want to sell male offspring. I want to build a cattle feedlot. This loan is valid, it has a grace period of 2 years and 8 months,” says Samat Shildebaev.

At the moment, the farm leases Alaboth's forest land. There is an opportunity to increase the livestock, there is enough equipment. By the way, Belarus bought a tractor and a hay harvester with funds from the Agrarian Credit Corporation. Therefore, we can say that the farmer has a reliable financial partner in the implementation of the cattle feedlot.