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The pandemic has not prevented agricultural financing

The global pandemic has not prevented the development of agriculture in our country. This was also facilitated by the constant financial support of the Agrarian Credit Corporation of the national management holding KazAgro in this area. This year, the corporation allocated 265 billion tenge for lending to farmers, and most of it was spent.

“Saryagash” is a basic farm in the village of Pereleski, Denisovsky district. If they plant a crop in a field, they will grow Zengi baba seeds to produce meat and milk in a modern farm. The productivity level is very high. If one cow produces 7.5 thousand liters of milk per year, then the average yield is 30-35 centners per hectare. Today's success is the result of financial support under the government program.

Otegen Murtazin, director of Saryagash LLP:
With financing from the Agricultural Credit Corporation, a seed sorting line was built in 2019 for 480 million tenge. In 2021, with the support of the corporation, we plan to develop 616 hectares of irrigated land. The cost of the project is 820 million tenge.

The farm employs 412 people. He always supports the social sphere of the village.

Evgeniy Shuleyko, akim of the village of Pereleski:
The cultural center in the village is fully funded through this partnership. In addition, we have a kindergarten for 120 places and a school for 236 students. The company supports all of them as much as possible. 

For the spring sowing this year, the Agricultural Credit Corporation allocated 70 billion tenge, of which 17 billion tenge were used by farmers of the Kostanay region. The corporation also funds the Employment program, which is designed to support those seeking a dual career. 

Mels Baibolov, deputy director of the Kostanay regional branch of Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC:
We finance many citizens through credit unions and small credit unions.

The Kolos company in the village of Dubovsky is also engaged in raising livestock and planting crops. In 2019, the business purchased 300 Aberdeen Angus cows with support from the Agricultural Credit Corporation. The company contributes not only to the economy, but also to the prosperity of the village, and employs 100 people.

Daurenbek Abdibek