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Head of the Anti-Corruption Compliance Service Salykov T.Zh:
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It all started with a kokpar

15 years. 200 horses. 300 liters of koumiss. Today Nurzhamal Bakhytova's business has become successful. But it all started with a hobby - with almost five horses. Her husband has always been passionate about horses, has repeatedly participated in kokpar. The head of the family became the initiator of the production of an ancient healing drink. The location of the economy near the capital made it possible to uninterrupted implementation. Leaving several mares on a leash, they began to cook koumiss. It was tasted by local and metropolitan residents, the rumor about a tasty and high-quality drink went around the district. Demand increased, and so did the population. Several years ago, a married couple applied for financing from the Agrarian Credit Corporation to buy horses.

“In 2015, we issued a preferential loan in the amount of 39 million tenge, purchased 120 heads of mares. Today we have about 200 horses. We sell branded koumiss through large retail chains. Saumal is also in great demand, but it is desirable to use it immediately, so for now we specialize mainly in koumiss. Last year, becoming participants in the international exhibition "EXPO-2021" in Dubai, we offered tourists from all over the world to try our unique national drink," said individual entrepreneur Nurzhamal Bakhytova.

The production of koumiss is a seasonal business, mares are milked until autumn. To bring the livestock to two thousand, they plan to issue another loan from the Agrarian Credit Corporation. So it will be possible to ensure uninterrupted production of the drink. Quality products manufactured under the QAZAQ HOUSE brand are in great demand, deliveries are established not only to nearby cities, but also to the western regions of the country. In the future, the couple of entrepreneurs plans to export koumiss abroad.